Welcome In the Sink – A New Voice in your Head

Hello, welcome to the home of the In the Sink Podcast, part of the In the Sink Publishing network, which can be found at inthesinkpublishing.com.

If you came to the Sink, you’ve probably already been here, you just didn’t know it yet. The Sink is the life you have lead that perpetually makes you feel as though you are a step below the normal crowd, the thought that you have something to overcome to be normal and the fear that if you don’t you’ll just be another statistic, one of the unfortunate, predetermined souls who’s life goes down the drain like every other addict, schizophrenic, manic depressive, bipolar, alcoholic child of an alcoholic father and a single mother living on food stamps and working three jobs so that you have the opportunity in life to get where you are but not without the scars, wounds and defects that out you immediately to those who didn’t have to struggle so much.

In the Sink though, your fight from the drain is strength, not weakness, it’s courage not laziness, it’s determination not a lack of self control. It is the very fact that you have seen, touched, tasted, ingested or shot up the bottom and bounced back, refused to go down, give up, or let it define you that makes you one of us that have done the same. We fight together. We survive together. We write our own stories. Join us.


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