Episode 2 : John Tolley (Part 1)

In our second episode of the In the Sink Podcast, Author John Tolley joined for an interview regarding his new book, “Disturbance with a Mental”, the first publication of In the Sink. John’s book presents works created in the midst of mental illness as a way to give the reader a raw look at what goes on in a sufferer’s mind even as they continue battling the everyday mundane like having a job, wife, and kids. In Part 1 of the interview, John talks in depth about his position as a Chicago Police Officer in the CIT, Crisis Intervention Team, which works toward educating fellow officers about mental illness, so that when encountering someone suffering on the streets, they can properly identify and deescalate the situation without violence. The Team also works in concert with the families of mental illness sufferers and local hospitals to assure treatment and care in the focus instead of arrest and fear.

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